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Bosscal Mezcal Damiana 750mL

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Mezcal Bosscal Damiana is made with 100% Ash Agave (Agave Duranguensis) and Damiana, considered an aphrodisiac flower, in addition to having energetic properties for the body. A mezcal made in Nombre de Dios , Durango by Maestro Mezcalero Alan Hernández Hernández.

CATA's notes

View: Strong body in which essential oils are very notable, crystalline with silver reflections.

Nose: it is very aromatic, sweet and fresh aromas are perceived with a slight smell of green wood. Soft citrus and alcoholic notes are perceived.

Mouth: sweet and herbal notes, with a fresh finish in the mouth accompanied by a smooth smoke. It has a perfect balance highlighting a slight bitterness, characteristic of the Damiana flower.